Data Science fwdays’20 conference| NLP discussion

We’re super excited to announce that apart from the deep practical talks, we will have three burning discussions at the free Data Science fwdays’20 online conference.
Let’s start with the first one 😎

“Natural Language Processing 2020” — this is the title of the discussion that will take place on August 8, this Saturday, at the end of the day. Artem Chernodub (Applied Research Scientist at Grammarly) is the moderator of this discussion and he has gathered the rock band of experts.

Please, meet them:
📣 Kyryll Truskovskyi, Machine Learning Software Engineer at BorealisAI (Canada)
📣 Maria Nadejde, Applied Scientist at Amazon Web Services
📣 Nikita Lukianets, Founder and CTO at PocketConfidant AI
📣 Svitlana Galeshchuk, Data Scientist and Researcher in NLP at Starclay (France) and Université Paris Dauphine

Leveraging deep learning as a workhorse, NLP is evolving rapidly. There is a popular opinion that the “ImageNet moment” has already arrived. We have invited experts with experience in academia and industry to speak about the latest achievements and challenges in NLP in 2020. We will discuss aspects of applying heavy DL models to solve NLP problems, the issues related to their explainability, and practical usage.

The discussion will be held in English.

Register and join us in 2 days 🤩



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